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The Sylvan Become the Fifth Faction in Might & Magic Heroes VII

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Posted: 08:39AM

When Ubisoft announced Might & Magic Heroes VII last month, it unveiled four of the six unique factions planned for launch, leaving the remaining two to be determined by the community via The Shadow Council. Any player with a Uplay account was able to log into the official website over the past month and vote on the fifth faction, choosing between the elven Sylvan and the dwarven Fortress. It likely comes as little surprise that the Sylvan won the vote, maintaining its lead from the start.

To celebrate the victory, developer Limbic Entertainment released concept art for the Sylvan Treant, but that's not all. Control is now back in the hands of the community to determine the composition of the Sylvan Army. The game designers have presented three different line-ups to choose between, with one more defense-oriented, one more offense-oriented, and one in-between. No one line-up is stronger than the other, and whatever is chosen will be balanced with the other factions in the game; it's just a matter of what type of play style you'd like to see.

The Strength of the Forest is the defense-oriented composition, "based upon the magic protection offered by the Unicorns and a powerful synergy between the Dryads and the Treants to withstand enemy attacks." Earth's Perfect Balance is the middle-of-the-road composition, highlighted by hard-to-kill and self-resurrecting Phoenixes. Sylvanna's Fury is the offense-oriented composition, with "Hunters, Blade Dancers and Stags [...] on the frontline dealing quick and impressive damage to enemy troops, while Druids and Pixies offer them their support, defending them and harassing enemies."

Sylvan composition voting ends on September 26 at CDT 5PM / BST 11PM / CEST 12AM. Like before, you are able to change your vote as many times as you want until the voting window ends. No word on when the sixth faction will be up for vote, but odds are that won't be until after this vote is over.

Might & Magic Heroes VII is coming exclusively to PC sometime in 2015.

Source: Official Site

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