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To Teach Future Robots, Use Robo Brain

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 07:22AM

As my mother and father will both exclaim at times, computers and machines can be quite dumb. For now, that is just annoying, but if we ever start relying on robots to help in our homes, it could be a real problem. To head off potential problems, researchers at Cornell University have developed Robo Brain and set it the task of processing content on the Internet, in order to learn and teach other machines.

Though currently our computers and other devices are able to find us the answers to almost any of our questions, it is not in a form that the computers can understand. This is what Robo Brain addresses by associating text with images and videos, to recognize objects and learn human language and behavior. It stores this information with a Markov model, which consists of nodes representing objects, actions, or parts of an image, and edges connecting them. When another robot searches for knowledge, it starts with its own chain of nodes, and will look for a similar one Robo Brain built. As there may be differences between what Robo Brain and the robot built, probabilities have been assigned to the nodes of Robo Brain that represent allowed variance.

As Robo Brain may get some things wrong, or just need some help, you can visit its website to provide corrections and additional information: RoboBrain.me.

Source: Cornell University

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