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Improved Screening of Potential Organic Solar Cell Materials

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:39AM

Many modern solar cells are made of materials like silicon and are expensive to produce. In the future though, new photovoltaics based on polymers could replace them by being cheaper and more resilient. Finding the right polymers is tricky though, but researchers at the University of Tsukuba and Nation Institute for Materials Science have found a way to speed up the search, as published by the American Institute of Physics.

Materials science can be an exhaustive field as the materials would be to be produced for testing, and only then could it be determined if the materials is of much use. By better understanding the behaviors of a material, it is easier to predict its properties and thereby speed up the process. This is what the Japanese researchers have accomplished for candidates for organic photovoltaics by combining two kinds of photo-induced spectroscopy. The two processes important for these materials are their charge formation and charge transport efficiencies, and it is believed that the charge formation efficiency is complicated and actually dependent on a thermal activation process. What the researchers discovered is that the temperature actually does not matter, as samples demonstrated the same efficiency at 80 K and 300 K.

This discovery indicates that the charge formation efficiency for organic photovoltaics is only quantum mechanical, which actually makes it simpler than expected. The result is that it should also be easier to quickly screen materials by this property, and in turn speed up searches for new organic photovoltaic materials.

Source: EurekAlert!

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