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Turning Car Batteries into Solar Cells

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 06:36AM

Lead has quite a history as the soft metal once saw many uses, such as water pipes to additives for gasoline and paint, but is now restricted to just a few, due to its potential health hazards. That is also why we see so many recycling programs specifically for lead, to keep it from getting somewhere it should not, and to reduce the amount that needs to be acquired. Now researchers at MIT have devised another recycling program that could see lead repurposed for use in solar cells.

Perovskites are a family of compounds that share similar structures, and organolead halide perovskite is being looked at for use as solar cells. Some of these cells have already exceeded 19% efficiency, which makes them almost competitive with the silicon-based solar cells you can find today. The catch is the use of lead, especially as the solar cells would require more lead to be mined. The MIT researchers however have developed a process to take the lead from car batteries and use it for solar cells. As the lead compound would actually be a thin film, they predict that the lead of a single car battery would be enough to make enough solar panels to power 30 homes.

Along with providing another reason to recycle car batteries, this could also help bring the cost of solar cells down. The process is low temperature and requires fewer steps than conventional solar cells to produce, making it potentially easier to scale up cheaply.



Source: MIT

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