ORIGIN Introduces Alienware Laptop Trade-In Program

gebraset - August 11, 2014 01:34PM in Laptops / Tablets

In an effort to gain more customers following the recent announcement of the Alienware 13, ORIGIN has just launched a new trade-in program aimed specifically at owners of Alienware laptops. The program provides owners with a trade-in offer that is honored for 14 days, following the submission of an online form that provides ORIGIN with information about any Alienware laptop. After a trade-in offer is accepted by an owner, the laptop must be shipped to ORIGIN where it will be inspected in order to confirm its condition and to verify its included accessories. As long as everything checks out, ORIGIN provides a fair market value for the Alienware laptop that can only be applied to any personal computer offered by ORIGIN. 

It is worth noting that the trade-in value can only be applied to the purchase of ORIGIN systems, as the value cannot be redeemed for cash or giftcards. While the program is enticing to Alienware laptop owners, ORIGIN does reserve the right to deny any trade-in and does not accept desktops, computer components, or any non-Alienware branded laptops.

Source: ORIGIN