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Eugen Systems Promises a Return to the "90s Golden Era" of Real-Time Strategy Games with Act of Aggression

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Posted: 04:15PM

Announced back in March, Focus Home Interactive is finally ready to lift the veil of Eugen Systems' upcoming RTS, Act of Aggression. Best known for Act of War, R.U.S.E., and the Wargame series of RTSs, Eugen "vows to bring about a return to the 90s Golden Era of real time strategy games, delivering all of the core mechanics sorely missed by many RTS fans: base building, resource management, unit production and dynamic, immersive battles will meet high fidelity production values and intelligent modernization."

Act of Aggression will take place during the 2020s "in a darkly realistic future where three major factions fight for their interests." There's the shadowy organization known as "The Cartel" with "high-tech technology, stolen prototypes, and stealthy operatives." There's the UNO-funded, classified military organization called the Chimere, specializing in fast strikes and attempting to maintain global peace and order. And finally there's the US Army stuck in the middle, "worn out by two decades of being kept on a war footing with too few replacements, but still fielding a great deal of battle-hardened veterans." The game will feature two separate single player campaigns and "vast, skill-based multiplayer modes where technological upgrades, resource storage and base defenses will play an integral role in the battle." The game will include infantry, mechanized vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, super weapons, and even "ultimate weapons far beyond technologies of today." In addition, your units earn experience by destroying enemy forces, so if you can keep them alive, you can unlock new skills and abilities, even allowing you to specialize them in a particular role, such as anti-air or anti-tank.

Act of Aggression will be coming to PC, but no release date has been stated. Eugen will be at Gamescom to show off some in-game assets and a technology demo of the studio's new engine, which is presumably IRISZOOM V5. Based on the Havoc Engine, IRISZOOM was first used for R.U.S.E., and updated versions have been used in each subsequent Eugen game. The first five screenshots below are from March and thus don't necessarily represent the visual fidelity of the project to date; the subsequent five are the new screenshots, and you can already see the added polish Eugen was able to accomplish.

Source: Press Release and Official Site

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