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Graphene Could Have Potential Medical Uses

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 02:04PM

Graphene has been labeled a wonder material for its amazing electrical and mechanical properties, which is why many are working to ensure its presence in future technologies. While those researchers are intentionally looking for applications, others can find them by accident. Monash University researchers have recently discovered that graphene oxide sheets can be made to change shape, which is a property that could have medical uses.

While running routine tests, the researchers discovered that the graphene oxide sheets they were working with would spontaneously take on a spherical shape. Normally such a change requires atomizers and mechanical equipment, but all the researchers were using was an external magnetic field on the sheets, which were under special pH conditions.

This is a tremendous discovery as it opens up the possibility of using graphene-based structures for drug delivery systems. By just applying a magnetic field to a patient, the graphene would change shape and deliver medicines wherever needed. The researchers are now investigating how graphene behaves in the presence of toxin, which could make it useful for disease detection.

Source: EurekAlert!

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