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Tennis Meets Street Fighter in Facepunch Studios' Second Unveiled Prototype, Deuce

Category: Gaming
Posted: 08:22AM

Last week, despite Rust still being in Early Access, developer Facepunch Studios unveiled a new project codenamed Riftlight. In a follow-up post, Facepunch founder Garry Newman explained that the studio actually had "three other prototypes being worked on." In a new blog entry posted by Facepunch's Ian James, we now know one of those additional prototypes: "an arcade style tennis game with a focus on unique characters and courts."

Referred to as Deuce and described as tennis meets Street Fighter, it appears like any other isometric tennis game on the surface, but with special moves. Four such special moves that currently work in the prototype build "to some degree" include: Ice, which freezes the opponent on returning the ball; Tornado, which sends the ball flying in a random direction; Teleport, which switches the ball position mid flight; and Fireball, which isn't described but appears to be a fast, powerful shot. Balance is a large concern for James though, as the current iteration of Tornado "is almost impossible to return." He's also iterating on ideas about how and when to trigger the special moves and how "in position" a player has to be to be able to return the ball. He's even coded his own physics system instead of simply using Unity's built-in physics engine, allowing for backspin, topspin, or curving along a spline for some of the special moves.

Aside from the special moves, the other unique aspect of the game will be its characters. James plans on a large roster of playable characters, each with their own move set, and each with their own look that's atypical of a tennis player. James and his team "want to build a selection of characters that could star in their own games in the future or perhaps play different sports." Each character will also have a matching location just as you'd expect from a fighting game like Street Fighter, and James is "toying with the idea that elements in the court environment will come in to play during a match."

As with Riftlight, there is no release window provided for Deuce, but the core game is already functional, as is both local and online multiplayer. James plans on providing weekly updates to keep us informed.

Source: Deuce Devblog

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