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GameStop Wants to Ruin the Video Game Industry

Category: Gaming
Posted: 11:59AM

According to recent reports, GameStop would like to work directly with game developers to create content that would only be available through GameStop. It's bad enough that we've already had exclusive retailer-specific pre-order bonuses in the way of skins, but GameStop is proposing taking it to the next level – exclusive gameplay content. We technically already had a taste of this with the Creature Slaughterdome DLC for Borderlands 2, but that was simply a timed exclusive and was eventually made available for purchase. GameStop's new proposal seems to be for complete exclusivity, not just timed.

With the popularity of digital distribution on the rise, it's not surprising that GameStop would want to attempt something to entice people to buy from its stores. But it's also due to the rise of digital distribution that GameStop doesn't have the stranglehold on publishers like it used to. If the company proposed this idea five years ago, it would have likely come to fruition, but now GameStop can't exactly be the bully. Even for those that prefer physical copies, there's now strong competition from Walmart and Amazon. And that's not to mention the anger I'm sure international gamers will feel toward such a move.

GameStop claims that it "wants to find ways to give customers more value when they preorder games," but let's be honest here – that's complete bullshit. This is about greed and nothing more. I find it hard to believe that any gamer, even a loyal GameStop customer, would be in favor of this type of move. Most gamers already feel that retailer-specific pre-order bonuses are a bane on the industry, and this will just make things even worse. I don't know how much GameStop will be willing to pay to have this done, but I sure hope no publisher is stupid enough to go along with this. For once it would be nice if the publishers thought of the customers instead of lining its pockets.

Source: GamesBeat

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