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DEEPCOOL Announces New Liquid Coolers

Category: Cooling
Posted: July 3, 2014 12:51PM
Author: CheeseMan42

DEEPCOOL has announced a trio of new all-in-one liquid coolers as part of the Maelstrom series. All of the models use a copper cooling block full of micro channels to help dissipate the heat and are compatible with all models of Intel and AMD processors. The base model is the Maelstrom 120k and uses a 20mm thick 120mm fan to help make it ideal for small cases. The Maelstrom 120 uses a rubber covered PWM fan to help reduce noise and vibration. The Maelstrom 240 uses two of the rubber covered fans. The 120k will have an MSRP of $69.99, the 120 will cost $75.99, and the 240 will cost $105.99.

Source: Press Release

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