Software to Automatically Cut Boring Segments of Video

Guest_Jim_* - June 26, 2014 06:28AM in Science & Technology

Every day an almost untold amount of video is generated by people and uploaded to the Internet. With so much to watch and only so much time in the day, boring parts of videos can be decidedly annoying. To speed things along, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed software that can actually process video to automatically identify the interesting parts, and create a summary video trailer.

Dubbed LiveLight, the software works by generating a dictionary of a video's content. Algorithms are then run on that dictionary to identify the most important and interesting segments, in order to cut out the boring parts. The algorithm considers segments that lack visual novelty and are repetitive or eventless to be boring. Once those segments are identified, it will create the summary video trailer, or pass on its recommendations to the user. Some boring content may be needed for context, so the person can choose to include it, while the software would not have.

Though this software could be used to produce trailers for use on social media, it could also find use for quickly reviewing security camera footage. With many hours of video to go through, an automated editing system could be an invaluable tool for finding what is important, instead of just letting the video go unseen.



Source: Carnegie Mellon University