Razer Developing an Android TV 'Micro-console' Focused on Gaming

ClayMeow - June 25, 2014 01:14PM in Gaming

Razer may have developed a mobile gaming controller exclusively for iOS called the Junglecat, but now it's ready to venture into the Android world; just in a slightly different way. During the Google I/O 2014 event earlier today, Razer announced that it is making a "micro-console" through Google's Android TV initiative. The device will stream movies, music, and other apps, but its focus will be on gaming, much like Amazon's Fire TV. The difference is that Razer is also promising a "hardcore gaming" experience as well, but what that actually entails has not been stated. In fact, nothing other than the announcement has been stated – no specs, no pricing, no mention of a controller, nothing. Even the image shown is simply a conceptual render and not an actual piece of hardware.

With the flop that is the Ouya, one has to wonder why all these other companies are throwing their weight behind Android-powered consoles, other than the fact that they're obviously cheap to make, comparatively. With Sony finally bringing PlayStation TV to rest of the world and the NVIDIA SHIELD providing an Android-powered micro-console experience alongside portability and GameStreaming, I fail to see the demand for these Android consoles among gamers. But that being said, Razer has an extremely loyal customer base, so if any company can succeed where others have failed, Razer surely can.

Razer plans to launch the device this Fall.

Source: Engadget