Facebook Reveals Better Advertisements

gebraset - June 12, 2014 08:52AM in Internet

Facebook has just revealed that advertisements on the social networking platform will soon be better than ever. Currently, Facebook collects data such as Facebook pages liked and overall activity on the social networking website to display relevant advertisements to users. However, starting within the next few weeks for United States users and the next few months for global users, advertisements displayed within the Facebook News Feed will be based heavily on what websites and applications users utilize. This type of data collection is meant to provide users with more direct and applicable advertisements that cater to their specific interests. Additionally, users will be able to see why advertisements are displayed to them and can remove an interest if they no longer want to see advertisements regarding a certain category, such as electronics or automobiles.

Users who have privacy concerns over the new collection method for advertisements can opt out in a web browser by using the Digital Advertising Alliance opt out. Mobile users can disable the targeting by using the privacy controls available on various Android and iOS devices.

Source: Facebook Newsroom