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Sony Shows Off a Lot of Games Not Named The Last Guardian

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Posted: 08:49PM

Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference was a lot more disjointed than Microsoft's, but Sony still had a lot of great things to show, starting out with a new trailer for Destiny. PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to play the "first look alpha" beginning this Thursday through the weekend, and have first access to the beta on July 17 along with other exclusive content, like the Exodus map. If you're not currently a PS4 owner, well Sony announced that a Glacial White 500GB PS4 Bundle with Destiny will be available for purchase beginning September 9, though no price was mentioned.

Next up was a new gameplay trailer for The Order: 1886 taking place in some sort of twisted medical facility. Following that was a unique indie game created by game school students called Entwined, where two characters are controlled individually with each analog stick. It's available digitally on PS4 today for $9.99, with PS3 and Vita versions coming in the future with cross-buy. After that, standalone DLC for Infamous: Second Son was revealed entitled Infamous: First Light. Featuring the franchise's first female protagonist, it'll be arriving in August and owners of Second Son will get additional content. Following that, was one of the biggest surprises of the night...

The lovable Sackboy is coming to PlayStation 4 in LittleBigPlanet 3 and he's bringing along three friends for some unique four-player co-op action: OddSock, Toggle, and Swoop. Oddsock is the fastest character and can wall-jump, Toggle is big and strong but can become super small to fit into tight spaces, and Swoop is a bird who can fly and carry the other characters. Don't worry, Sackboy will get a few new abilities as well, including climbing. LBP3 will be arriving November 2014.

Next up we finally got the official reveal of From Software's PS4-exclusive Project Beast, entitled Bloodborne. It was only a CGI trailer, but the setting and atmosphere were great. After that was some Far Cry 4 gameplay, which showed off what seemed to be seamless drop-in/drop-out online co-op. We also saw a sweet crossbow, some gunplay while driving, a gyrocopter, and some wild elephants. Next was a world premiere CGI trailer for Dead Island 2, which will have a 30-day exclusive beta on PS4. A CGI trailer for Battlefield Hardline followed and then a quick look at Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring the Avengers, coming to PS4 and Vita.

Paradox Interactive was up next with the news that apparently every one of its studios is currently working on a PS4 title; today we got to see a CGI trailer for Magicka 2. Following that was the announcement that Double Fine's classic adventure game Grim Fandango was being remastered exclusively for the PS4 and Vita. Keeping with the indie theme, Devolver Digital will be bringing a bunch of games to the PS4 for console debuts, including Broforce, Titan Souls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami 2, and The Talos Principle. Next was a new game from Suda51 entitled Let It Die, coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015, and a unique underwater game from Giant Squid Studios entitled ABZU. Next was an awesome video for Hello Games' sci-fi, procedural, open-world game No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky's world is infinite and each player will start on his or her own world before being able to venture off.

Now came the slightly boring part of the conference, so forgive me if I forget (or intentionally leave out) a few things. There was mention that Project Morpheus would be shown at Sony's E3 booth with two new demos. YouTube is coming to PS4 with direct sharing. There are 25 free-to-play games currently in development for the PS4. PlayStation Now will enter open beta in North America for PS4 on July 31, with PS3 and Vita access coming after that, as well as support for select Sony TVs. The Vita was briefly mentioned with games like Tales of Hearts R, Child of Light, Minecraft, and Tales from the Borderlands.

Then came the announcement many Sony fans outside of Japan were hoping for - PlayStation TV is coming to North America and Europe this Fall for $99. A $139 bundle will also be available, which comes with a DualShock 3 controller, HDMI cable, 8GB memory card, and a digital voucher for LEGO The Movie Videogame. Following that was a brutal gameplay video for Mortal Kombat X. Then some guy spoke way too long about the PS4-exlusive television series Powers, coming to the US in December. The first episode will be free to everyone, while PS+ subscribers will get the whole series for free. A trailer for Ratchet & Clank The Movie was shown, coming in 2015 along with a remastered version of the original game for PS4. Also getting the remastering treatment is The Last of Us, launching July 29.

The CGI trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that leaked last night was shown next. Then came the official announcement that Grand Theft Auto V was indeed coming to the PS4 this Fall with all new enhancements (as well as to XBO and yes, PC!). In addition, both PS3 and 360 gamers will be able to transfer their GTA Online character progress to the PS4 version. Next was one of my favorite moments - a gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. We got to see Batman gliding thru rainy Gotham, hopping in the totally badass Batmobile, knocking out some goons, and then confronting Penguin before Scarecrow interrupted the action with a message for us. Speaking of, the PS4 will be getting exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Missions. Lastly, Sony decided to end its show with a boom, officially unveiling Uncharted 4: A Thief's End via a CGI trailer:

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