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Killing Floor 2's Gun Mechanics Detailed; Teaser Trailer Released

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Posted: 08:01AM

Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor 2 was officially announced yesterday with an exclusive first look by PC Gamer, providing plenty of details on what the sequel will bring to the table. The first look included plenty of blood-soaked screenshots, but all that blood and gore wouldn't be possible without some weaponry. Tripwire was praised for its gun authenticity in Red Orchestra and Red Orchestra 2, and the team is taking it a step further in Killing Floor 2.

One thing the studio did to enhance the authenticity of its guns was to record "full motion capture for insanely high framerate reload animations." Due to KF's Zed Time – the slow-mo system that kicks in whenever a player pulls off something cool – recording a gun at a mere 30 frames per second would result in ony six frames per second when slowed down. According to ead animator Bill Munk, this meant he and his team had to take a different approach:

"Using the Bullpup as an example, we animated at 242 frames per second, which gives us 22 frames per shell that ejects out of the weapons. The weapon shoots at 660 rounds per minute, which equals 11 rounds per second. In slow-mo you can actually see every kickback. In realtime you can't see these details but it makes the guns feel more powerful. We've come up with a formula to calculate: we have a weapon, this is its rate of fire—how many frames to do want to have per actual kickback, to make sure the fidelity of it is absolutely perfect? To my knowledge, no game is doing something like that, or would even think it would be worth doing something like that."

That's not all Tripwire is doing to increase authenticity and feedback though. Unlike other games where accuracy (or lack thereof) is represented by bullet spread, in KF2, bullets will always go where the crosshair is – it's just that the crosshair will be moving around with lower accuracy guns. Master the art of the sway, and you'll be a deadly marksman. Then of course, there's reloading – often the difference between life and death during the intense later waves of a match. Each gun will feature four different reload animations: two regular and two faster "elite" reloads, depending on whether a magazine is partially full or empty. The latter "elite" reloads will be locked behind perk abilities you'll need to earn, and are markedly faster than regular reloads.

While we still don't have a gameplay trailer, Tripwire released a Teaser Trailer today, which has a rather Resident Evil vibe to it:

Killing Floor 2 may be an over-the-top gorefest that will surely not appeal to everyone, but shooter fans should take notice, because it seems Tripwire is poised to set a new bar in gun animations. One that will surely affect what other developers do in the future. No release date has been stated yet.

Source: PC Gamer and Tripwire Interactive

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