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CCP Unveils Project Legion, a Re-imagining of PS3 Shooter Dust 514 for PC

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Posted: 09:16AM

Icelandic video game developer and publisher CCP Games announced last month that it canceled production of vampire MMO World of Darkness, instead turning all its focus on "developing games within the Eve universe." One such game is Dust 514, which is a free-to-play first-person shooter on the PlayStation 3 where player actions can impact Eve Online and vice versa. It always seemed a bit odd that Dust 514 was only available on PS3, despite Eve Online being only available on PC, but that finally seems to be changing.

CCP is currently holding its annual FanFest, and today, executive producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon presented a world-exclusive live demo of the studio's newest project, a re-imagining of Dust 514 for PC. Entitled Project Legion, CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson told Eurogamer that it's "a new approach to being a mercenary on the ground" and that "it's almost more a revolution than an evolution, and that's why wer're calling it Project Legion, because it's, frankly, more like a new game." Pétursson said it's the same team that worked on Dust 514, so they're very experienced now, which has allowed them to work much quicker on the game than they did on Dust, helped by the fact that "much of the world already exists on PC, in Eve."

The live demo started in a player's hub with a view of a nearby planet and spaceships buzzing around. From the hub, players access a star map, which zooms down to a planet view where you can select tournaments, missions, and scavenging grounds. Scavenging grounds apparently mixes PvE and PvP, where the lines become "blurrier the deeper into space you get." Like Eve, players will be able to betray each other, which apparently got a cheer from the audience. The planet shown in the demo was a volcanic one, with top notch lighting and particle effects thanks to the power PC exclusivity provides.

According to Eurogamer, the fighting was sporadic due to the massive size of the map, encouraging more of a sandbox experience rather than the intense combat you'd typically expect from an online shooter. At this time it's hard to tell how appealing that would be for a shooter, but it does seem right up the alley for Eve Online fans. That being said, Gaudechon told the crowd that "it's early stuff" so not to get their expectations up. No estimated release date was given, nor was it stated whether it'll be free-to-play like Dust 514 is. Sadly, there's no trailer yet, but Eurogamer did manage to gather three environmental screenshots.

Source: Eurogamer

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