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Techland's Hellraid Officially 'New-Gen' Only; Coming to Steam Early Access Fall 2014

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Posted: 10:11AM

A year ago, almost to the day, Dead Island developer Techland announced that its newest project, Project Hell, was given the official title of Hellraid. At the time, the "first-person co-op slasher" set in a dark fantasy world was planned for release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Today, Techland has announced that it has moved Hellraid to a brand new engine, Chrome Engine 6, ditching last-gen in favor of new-gen and allowing the studio to create a better game. Now the game will be heading to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2015, with Steam Early Access planned for Fall 2014. While the further delay and move to new-gen may frustrate some gamers, it also means that Techland will be adding new features, which the studio highlights in a brand new gameplay trailer:

As the trailer shows, Hellraid is now divided into three game modes: Story, Mission, and Arena. Each of the three modes is playable solo or co-op with 2-4 players. Story Mode is pretty self-explanatory, and is the main campaign for the game, where "you will take on a suicidal mission of repelling infernal forces to save the world and discover the story of the protagonist and his family – cursed decades before." Mission Mode allows you to revisit locations unlocked in Story Mode to beat high scores and rank in the leaderboards, providing a more arcade feel. Arena mode is basically a survival mode, where you must fend off waves of increasingly stronger, bigger, and more varied enemies.

In addition to splitting the game into three modes, the biggest change is the move to a class-free system, allowing players to choose freely between weapons and skills. The universal skill tree consists of three specialties (melee combat, magic, and agility), and the game lets players "combine various skills with hardly any limitations." The trailer does a good job of showing various weaponry and skills.

As previously stated, Hellraid is now planned for a 2015 launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with Steam Early Access planned for Fall 2014. Chrome Engine 6 is the same engine being used for Dying Light, so don't be surprised if Techland announces that game will be new-gen only as well.

Source: Hellraid Blog

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