Rdio Improves Audio Quality

gebraset - April 29, 2014 05:57PM in Internet

Rdio has announced that in a joint venture with Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead, the company will be begin an initiative to improve streaming quality while also sparking discussions on the unfairness of streaming audio quality. In a move that directly supports this initiative with Bob Weir, Rdio has revealed that it is improving audio quality for its current catalog of music. Audio files that currently exist within the Rdio catalog will be converted to the AAC format and will be delivered in 320 Kbps. Additionally, Rdio will work with artists and labels worldwide in order to improve streaming quality in markets that have sufficient network bandwidth, as well as areas that do not.

Although all of Rdio’s catalog will soon be seeing an increase in quality, the company has noted that the price for the service will remain the same for customers.

Source: Rdio Blog