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Bandai Namco Announces Free-to-Play 3D Fighter Rise of Incarnates, Coming to PC This Year

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Posted: 10:59AM

Namco Bandai, the publisher behind free-to-play fighters Tekken Revolution and Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, is at it again, this time bringing a brand new free-to-play fighting game exclusively to PC. Entitled Rise of Incarnates, the game "features ground-breaking 2 vs. 2 gameplay, a multitude of characters and roles, and battlegrounds throughout shattered yet accurately rendered real-world cityscapes." The player controls the titular "Incarnates", who are "humans that command untold mythical powers," each with their own unique skills and powers.

Unlike most fighters, Rise of Incarnates appears to be a lot more open, featuring large 3D arenas that support both close-quarters combat and long-range assaults. It may speak to the power of PCs that the game isn't confined to a small circular arena or 2D plane prevalent in the fighter genre, and is likely why it's a PC exclusive.

So far, Namco Bandai has unveiled four characters and their Incarnates. Dr. Gasper Watteau is a scientist who specialized in the field of Incarnate research, commanding an Incarnate called the Grim Reaper, along with an undead army. Terrence Blake is a young man who can summon Ares to augment his attacks. Mireia Valentin is a young arms dealer with an Incarnate that transforms her into Lilith, providing deadly attack and lightning speed. Jedrek Tyler was left severely wounded during a gang fight, but can now call upon his Incarnate, Mephistopheles, raging completely out of control and becoming highly destructive.

Namco Bandai seems to be pulling out all the stops for this game, not only creating a full backstory, but even publishing a comic, which you can see below. The studio also published a bunch of screenshots on the official Facebook page, and in one of them you can see a "121" in the top left corner, which is presumably an FPS reading accidentally left in and a good sign that the FPS won't be capped.

You can currently sign up for the Alpha test on the official site by simply supplying an email address. There is no word on when the Alpha will begin, nor do we know the free-to-play structure of the game just yet, but it certainly looks and sounds promising.

Source: Official Site via Polygon and Facebook

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