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New Borderlands 'Pre-sequel' Coming to PC, PS3, and 360?

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Posted: 09:07AM

Back in February, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said that the company wasn't currently working on Borderlands 3, but did add that, "We have more to do in the franchise." We already knew about the Tales from the Borderlands Telltale Games collaboration, but that may not be the only Borderlands game in the works. And no, I'm not talking about Borderlands 2 Vita or the final Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC.

According to UK-based GamePointsNow, 2K Australia is currently working on Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, which takes place during the five year gap between Borderlands 1 and 2. While I was initially hesitant about the news, despite being a huge Borderlands fan, if the details are true, it actually sounds like a pretty sweet installment – adding a slew of new aspects to the series' highly addictive and popular gameplay mechanics.

The game is reportedly set on the moon of Elpis, where Hyperion has set up a large H-shaped moon base (which could actually be seen in Borderlands 2). The game follows Handsome Jack before he became known as Handsome Jack, and players get to play as one of his four lieutenants: Athena The Gladiator, Wilhelm The Enforcer, Nisha The Lawbringer, and Fragtrap.

Athena made an appearance in the General Knoxx DLC for the first game and "will be a melee focused character able to absorb incoming fire with here kinetic shield while dispatching enemies with her plasma sword." Wilhelm was the half human, half Hyperion Loader boss in Borderlands 2, but sadly he's just a human in this game, though he does have a shoulder-mounted cannon and drones that can aid you in combat. No information was provided on Nisha, though GamePointsNow says that she "bears a striking resemblance to [...] Sheriff of Lynchwood" from Borderlands 2, who happened to be Jack's girlfriend. Fragtrap, in the meantime, is a militarized Claptrap!

Aside from those brand new playable characters, The Pre-sequel will add two new weapon types: laser and cryo. The former is pretty obvious (and how can you be set on a moon and not have lasers?), while cryo finally adds the one elemental attack that has been sorely missing in the Borderlands series, cold/freezing! Because the game is set on the moon, gravity (or rather, reduced gravity) will come into play, allowing you to toss enemies into orbit. It also means a new method of travel (jetpacks!) and one of the biggest changes: oxygen will be a new lootable resource in the form of OX-Kits. While this means you'll have to carefully manage your own oxygen levels, it also means you can utilize it to your advantage by shattering an enemy's helmet and depriving them of oxygen.

While this is all just a rumor, the sheer amount of details does add a bit of credibility to the report – or is an extremely elaborate hoax. Borderlands: The Pre-sequel does not have a set release date, but will likely be this year since it's supposedly only coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. If it's real, it sounds like it could be a nice stopgap until Borderlands 3 inevitably arrives.

Source: GamePointsNow via IGN

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