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New Abyss Odyssey 'Know Your Enemy' Video Features Bauta; PvP Mode Coming Post-Launch

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Posted: 03:15PM

Nearly three weeks ago, Zeno Clash developer ACE Team released a "Know Your Enemy" video for its new game Abyss Odyssey, showcasing Judith's combat abilities. The combat took place in a training room and was controlled by game designer Carlos Bordeu. When ACE was ready to show off a new enemy, Bauta, the studio decided to do things a bit differently, inviting publisher Atlus's lead tester Rob to do the honors. Rob, a "fighting game enthusiast," managed to achieve combos ACE never thought possible and achieved them at unbelievable speeds. Whereas Bordeu only managed a 10-hit combo with Judith, Rob was able to pull off an 18-hit combo with Bauta!

After analyzing the video frame by frame, ACE discovered that Rob took advantage of the game's cancel system, particularly via dashing. Dashes in Abyss Odyssey "are more like evade rolls which have invincibility frames like in Smash Bros." While the game features "cancel points," which limit how many cancels can be performed within a combo, Rob took advantage of a bug wherein canceling anything into a dash didn't consume any cancel points (see the images below). As a result, ACE is now evaluating whether to leave it as is or if the "increased gameplay speed" that results from the exploitation needs to be limited further. The best news to come out of all this is that ACE will now "develop a special player-vs-player game mode," because the studio realized just how fun it would be to fight friends with such a dynamic system. That being said, it won't be added until after launch.

Abyss Odyssey will launch Summer 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: ACE Team Blog

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