ClayMeow - April 1, 2014 12:56PM in Video Cards

NVIDIA has revealed its next iteration of the GTX TITAN series, the GTX TITAN FALL, engineered specifically for Respawn Entertainment's hit first-person shooter, Titanfall. The announcement comes two weeks after confirming GameWorks features would be coming to the game, and a week after unveiling the GTX TITAN Z.

What sets the GTX TITAN FALL apart from any other video card ever created is that its sole purpose is to run Titanfall and no other game. NVIDIA worked closely with Respawn to deeply integrate with the game, saying that "by focusing solely on Titanfall, we were able to achieve extraordinary results that would have never been possible if we had to account for every other game out there." The extraordinary results NVIDIA refers to is the ability to maintain a buttery smooth 120 FPS at 4K resolution with all settings maxed (including the upcoming TXAA and HBAO+)!

The GTX TITAN FALL will retail for $499 (half the price of a GTX TITAN Z) and include a copy of Titanfall (via an Origin key). A limited edition version will retail for $599 and include hand-painted figurines of Titanfall's three titans, which can be mounted (one at a time) onto the PCB of the GTX TITAN FALL, as seen in the images below. This is an amazing deal if you have a 4K monitor and all you plan on ever playing is Titanfall!

Source: NVIDIA