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Roll7's Cover-based Shooter Not A Hero Introduces Gamers to 2.25D and an Anthropomorphic BunnyLord

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Posted: 10:49AM

Last month, it was announced that Roll7's skateboarding game OlliOlli would be coming to PC, while the studio would announce a brand new game at EGX Rezzed. With EGX kicking off today, publisher Devolver Digital has unveiled Roll7's game as Not A Hero, a 2¼D cover-based shooter. No, that is not a typo – Not A Hero uses the proprietary ISO-Slant™ technology "that allows game developers to reach that sweet spot between 2D and 2½D perspectives with minimal effort." Instead of summarizing the game, I think it's best I just provide you with the exact description from the press release:

When an anthropomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord needs a murderous loner to clean up the city during the election, Steve heroically offers up his dubious skills with a gun and lack of self-preservation instinct to this mysterious stranger from beyond. Now Steve must clear five districts of crime and recruit new heroes for his cause by sliding, diving, ducking, and taking cover through hundreds of full-throttle shootouts across the city.

So, uh, yeah. Featuring a quick snap cover system, Not A Hero "has absolutely no qualms with handing you your own ass the minute you peek out from cover." There are multiple "Not Heroes" to choose from, each with their own distinct gameplay style and abilities, including both ranged and melee. Roll7 is also promising "dynamic missions," wherein you can be in the middle of a primary or secondary objective and suddenly an unexpected "mid-level event" occurs, putting a damper in your plans.

Not A Hero will be arriving on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and next-gen consoles in Fall 2014. A playable alpha is on the show floor at EGX Rezzed these next three days, and will also be available at PAX East, April 11-13.

Source: Press Release and Official Site

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