Sony Reveals Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update

gebraset - March 20, 2014 02:05AM in Gaming

Sony has announced that its latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4, will be receiving an update that is set to be released within the upcoming weeks. The update will add a feature rich video editor to the PlayStation 4, allowing users to personalize video clips that they capture. These videos, as well as screenshots, will be able to be exported and saved to a USB drive by utilizing the share button on the controller. An HDCP off option will be available to gamers too, allowing longer gameplay sessions to be captured through an HDMI connection.

Also revealed is that a separate future update will allow users of the Twitch service on PlayStation 4 to archive their videos. Broadcasts that follow this separate update, that is set to be released sometime within the near future, will allow the videos to be 720p as well.

Source: PlayStation Blog