CD Projekt RED Developing a Mobile Game

ClayMeow - March 19, 2014 07:01PM in Gaming

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be delayed until February 2015, but developer CD Projekt RED will be expanding its portfolio to mobile gaming. The mobile game will be released later this year and has been in development for the past year by a standalone team, rather than the Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 teams. Whether it's based on The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, or an entirely new IP has not been stated, but an official announcement is supposedly coming "very soon."

Co-founder Adam Kicinski stated that "smartphones and tablets are truly powerful platforms these days," finally allowing CD Projekt to develop mobile games at the quality level the studio always aims to achieve with any of its games. While the game's payment model was not discussed, CD Projekt is famous for its DRM-free philosophy (it even owns, so it's unlikely the studio will screw over fans with some insane microtransactions.

Source: Eurogamer