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New Abyss Odyssey Video Shows Off Possessable Enemy Judith's Combat Abilities

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Posted: 09:21AM

Last week, Zeno Clash developer ACE Team announced its next game, a side-scrolling fighting game entitled Abyss Odyssey. While the game features three warriors to initially choose from, one of the unique aspects of Abyss Odyssey is the ability to possess almost any enemy and use its own skills and combat abilities.

To provide a taste of exactly what that entails, ACE Team has published a video called "Know Your Enemy: Judith." The video shows Judith battling a dummy in a training room, controlled by game designer Carlos Bordeu. It appears that the combat resembles that of Smash Bros., where you don't necessarily have complex combat moves, but rather have moves attached to simple key combinations, such as down attack versus forward attack. Also like Smash Bros., each character has its own weight, gravity, and physics.

When it comes to combos, there is no infinite juggling – the momentum decrease for every repeated attack is fixed. Watching the video below, the best Bordeu was able to accomplish was a 10-combo, and that was while up against a wall. While infinite juggling is less of a problem against AI than in competitive multiplayer, it's still nice to know ACE has taken measures to prevent it. And who knows, maybe there will be some sort of PvP mode.

Describing Judith's character design, and particularly her "super slender figure," Carlos Bordeu stated: "She was originally the female player character of the game, when we were aiming for a Harry-Clarke-esque Art Noveau style (which was much darker and more macabre). All Harry Clarke drawings have extremely slender and stylized humans, so that is where she came from. Her moveset was predefined then, so we just went on and just made her an enemy, later on when the visual style evolved."

Abyss Odyssey will launch Summer 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: ACE Team Board

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