MSI Details New Gaming Laptops

CheeseMan42 - March 13, 2014 10:55AM in Laptops / Tablets

It was revealed yesterday that MSI is one of a number of companies to be developing new gaming laptops based around the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M GPU. The company has announced further details about the new laptops which will be divided into two different lines, "the devastatingly powerful GT Dominator and performance driven GE Apache gaming notebooks." Both include the recently announced GPU, Intel i7 processors, Killer Gaming Networking, and a SteelSeries backlit keyboard. The laptops will include displays with a screen size of either 16" or 17" with the added ability to connect to an external 4K resolution display. The GT Dominator and GE Apache are available with an MSRP starting at $1,499.99 and $1,299.99, respectively.

Source: Press Release