First Generation Kindle Paperwhite Receives Goodreads

gebraset - March 11, 2014 09:41AM in E-Readers

Although current generation Kindle Paperwhite users have had access to Goodreads, which is an online outlet for book readers, owners of the first generation eBook reading device have been left out. That has all changed today, as Goodreads has announced that first generation Kindle Paperwhite devices are officially supported due to popular customer demand. Owners of both models of Kindle Paperwhite, who live in the United States, Canada, and Australia, are able to use Goodreads on Kindle. A free over-the-air update that is set to roll out to Kindle Paperwhite devices will be available in the coming weeks. Users can ensure that they have Goodreads on Kindle by looking for a lowercase "g" in the right portion of the navigation bar.

Source: Goodreads Blog