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Batman: Arkham Knight Gives the Batmobile the Attention it Deserves

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Posted: 02:17PM

With Batman: Arkham Knight's official reveal earlier in the week, along with the subsequent story details, one thing was clear – Batman's iconic Batmobile will be a major feature. While Rocksteady had always wanted to include the Batmobile in its previous two games, there were simply too many technical constraints to overcome. Thanks to Arkham Knight being "next-gen only" (or really, current-gen at this point), Rocksteady can finally realize its ambitions.

There is no "driving section" in Arkham Knight – the Batmobile is "seamlessly integrated with Batman's traversal." You can be grappling and gliding to your heart's content and then with the press of a single button, call upon the Batmobile and leap into its cockpit as it races to you. You never have to keep track of where you've parked it because it's "always sort of tracking Batman so it's always just around the corner for you to call in if you need it." The seamless integration works in reverse as well – as you're speeding along in the Batmobile, you never have to come to complete stop, you can simply eject "hundreds of feet in the air" and continue in a glide.

The Batmobile is also pretty much indestructible – and Gotham's thugs know this. While enemies may amass in the streets, they're "scared of the Batmobile," so if you show up in it, they'll scatter and not just let you ram them. If anyone happens to try and mess with it while you're busy fighting, "the Batmobile is equipped with a defensive taser unit to protect it from would-be carjackers and thieves." In addition, Batman isn't concerned about stepping on the gas and crashing through lampposts, retaining walls, or fences because of the deadly toxin threat by Scarecrow – drastic circumstances call for drastic measures.

Keeping with the theme that "Batman's official policy is that he doesn't kill," the Batmobile is equipped with a vehicle immobilizer that allows you to stop fleeing enemies. Yes, as hinted at in the trailer, it appears enemies will have vehicles as well. That probably means it's safe to assume there will be at least one "car chase" mission or side objective – maybe even a racing objective à la the AR Glide drills.

Lastly, creative director Sefton Hill confirmed that the fast travel system Warner Bros. Games Montreal introduced in Arkham Origins will not be present in Arkham Knight. Simply put, "You're looking at the fast travel system. I think we felt that it would take away from the experience rather than add to it because moving through the city is definitely part of the game." With reports that Arkham Knight is five times bigger than Arkham City – which means roughly double the size of Arkham Origins – I'm not sure that is the smartest move. But hey, if the Batmobile is as fun to drive as it sounds, maybe we won't notice the absence of fast travel.

Source: Game Informer

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