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Watch Dogs Launching May 27, 2014; Ubisoft Releases a 'Story Trailer' and Explains the Delay

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Posted: 11:28AM

It's never easy to take a highly anticipated title and tell those eagerly awaiting its arrival that there's going to be a delay. But that's what Ubisoft felt it had to do with Watch Dogs in October of last year, just a month before its original release date. I've always been of the mindset that delaying a game for extra development time is never a bad thing, so despite having wanted to play Watch Dogs since it was unveiled at E3 2012, I was okay with the move. When I saw a live demo and visited the Ubisoft Montreal studio back in October and saw so many people hard at work on the game, that certainly reassured me.

Fast forward to today and Ubisoft has finally announced the official release date for Watch Dogs – May 27, 2014 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The Wii U version will be coming at an undetermined later date. Because a release announcement just wouldn't be complete without an awesome new trailer, Ubisoft has also released the official "Story Trailer":

In a separate UbiBlog post, Senior Producer Dominic Guay answered a lot of the questions surrounding the delay, including just what "polish" meant to the Ubisoft Montreal team. One of the major acts of polishing that occurred revolved around increased variety. Guay explained that "once you do a lot of playtests you realize there are certain parts of the city where players go more than others." As a result, the studio "actually produced more content that would fit into the areas where the players went more, moved content around a little bit, looked at it again, played it again," and continued the process until the team was satisfied. Because Watch Dogs is a rather big game, this took quite awhile.

One thing Guay was clear about was that there was never any pressure from Ubisoft HQ to push the game out. The initial November 2013 release date was a mutual decision because the game was "playable front-to-back" by Spring 2013. It wasn't until the aforementioned playtesting that everyone realized the initial release date wasn't feasible if they wanted to produce the very best game they could. Ubisoft HQ understood.

You can read the full post for more examples of changes and additions to the game over the past few months, or you can just wait to enjoy the game yourself this Summer! After Watch Dogs won my E3 2012 Game of the Show and E3 2013 Best Action-Adventure Game, I'm just happy it'll be released before a third E3 appearance!

Source: UbiBlog [1] and [2]

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