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Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Bringing Eight New Quivers...Sort Of

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Posted: 09:45AM

Bow users will be getting a little love when Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal launches next week. That love comes in the form of eight new quiver base types, but only if you play the new Ambush or Invasion challenge leagues. The eight new quivers completely replace the old ones, but the latter will still drop in Standard and Hardcore for the time being.

The Ambush and Invasion challenge leagues are essentially being used as a test bed. When those challenge leagues end four months later, on July 5, the old quivers "may stop spawning altogether" in all leagues. Presumably, that decision will be impacted by player feedback. So far the feedback seems generally positive, though the absence of a +dex quiver worries some. The new base types are as follows, with the level requirement in parentheses:

  • Serrated Arrow Quiver: (0) Adds 1-4 Physical Damage
  • Two-Point Arrow Quiver: (4) 23% Increased Accuracy Rating
  • Sharktooth Arrow Quiver: (10) +3 Life Gained for Each Enemy Hit by Your Attacks
  • Blunt Arrow Quiver: (16) 34% Increased Stun Duration on Enemies
  • Fire Arrow Quiver: (22) Adds 4-8 Fire Damage
  • Broadhead Arrow Quiver: (28) Adds 6-12 Physical Damage
  • Penetrating Arrow Quiver: (36) 10% Chance of Arrows Piercing
  • Spike-Point Arrow Quiver: (45) 29% Increased Global Critical Strike Chance

You can check out the visual designs below (in the order they appear in the list above), with each quiver sporting a unique, distinct look. While the visual look of the arrows in the quiver designs are also unique, there is no word whether the arrows shot in-game take on the associated look (it would certainly be cool if they did). There will also be "several new Unique quivers planned that use the new base types," while Grinding Gear may even port over some of the old Unique quivers if the new quiver bases are here to stay.

After more than a week of teasers (1,2,3,4,5,6), it's nice to see a Sacrifice of the Vaal update that was less tease and more factual.

Sacrifice of the Vaal goes live March 5, 2014.

Source: Official Site

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