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Spelunky Creator Derek Yu Thought 3 Million Points Was Impossible Until Bananasaurus' Record Run

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:33PM

When Bananasaurus_Rex completed a record-setting 3,105,850-point run in Spelunky last week, I was rather impressed. It seems Spelunky creator Derek Yu was also impressed because he didn't think a score of over three million was even possible. In fact, he was so confident, prior to a recent patch, the game would detect you as a cheater if you submitted a score over three million. As Yu so eloquently put it, "He [Bananasaurus_Rex] achieved the impossible!"

The cap was set at three million because at the time, the world record on Xbox was "something like 2 million [and] getting another million seemed pretty far-fetched." Luckily for Bananasaurus_Rex, that cap no longer exists. As if breaking a world record in such a difficult game wasn't impressive enough, achieving something that even the game's creator thought couldn't be done just makes it an even greater feat.

Source: Polygon

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