Icy Dock's FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP 3-in-1 5.25-inch Front Bay Adapter Has Launched

tpsreport - February 26, 2014 02:22PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Happen to have several hard drives and an empty 5.25" bay? Then the FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP by Icy Dock might be of interest. It's a space-efficient front bay adapter that converts a single 5.25" bay to a 3.5" bay with an additional two 2.5" bays. The one-piece plastic design allows for two 2.5" SATA or IDE HDDs/SDDs in height of 7mm to 9.5mm to be stored along with a 3.5" hard drive, or a 3.5" device such as a fan speed controller, or media card reader. The installation process is simple; just slide the parts into the appropriate bays and either the Smart-Tip or self-adjusting tab feature will lock the parts into place. This item may be particularly of interest to users with Mini-ITX or microATX computer cases where space is limited.

Source: Press Release