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Superhuman Bananasaurus_Rex Smashes Spelunky World Record, Scoring Over 3.1 Million

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Posted: 04:40PM

I'm not normally impressed by video game world records, but maybe it's the fact that I cannot even beat Spelunky once – let alone access the secret Hell levels housing the "true boss" – that leads me to truly envy the new Spelunky world record holder, Bananasaurus_Rex. If it was just a name appearing on a leaderboard, it wouldn't mean much, but that's not the case – he actually streamed the feat on Twitch.

Bananasaurus_Rex is actually a fairly famous Spelunky pro, if you follow that type of thing. He was "the first person to ever complete the elusive solo eggplant run," and he was "the first Spelunky player to kill the ghost," which had previously been thought to be unkillable. The most impressive part of Bananasaurus_Rex's runs is not necessarily the world records or world firsts, but rather the ease in which he plays. If you ever played Spelunky, watch just a little bit of the video below and you'll likely be amazed at how fast he moves and navigates the levels, as if he's not playing one of the most grueling and frustrating Roguelikes in modern gaming.

If you want to see the record-breaking moment, skip to around the 7:19:00 mark – yes, the run took more than seven hours. Keep in mind that watching that moment (or a bulk of the video) contains spoilers if you're like me and never even saw the Hell level, let alone got to the final boss. But let's be honest – you're never going to get there on on your own.

Watch live video from Bananasaurus_Rex on TwitchTV

Source: Eurogamer

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