Amazon's Android-Powered Set-Top Box Arriving Next Month?

bp9801 - February 21, 2014 10:55AM in Gadgets

Amazon is set to release a new product before long, but it isn't a Kindle. No, this time Amazon is gearing up for an Android console or set-top box launch, with the latest pegging it as early as next month. It's not known whether Amazon's product will be a set-top box, like the earlier rumors said, or a game console à la the Ouya, like last month's rumor said. Considering we're a week removed from March, Amazon is definitely playing things close to its chest.

Regardless of what this new product will be exactly, chances are high it will run Google's Android operating system to easily take advantange of Amazon's Appstore. However, there's no telling if the console/set-top box will use stock Android, the heavily modified Fire OS, or something else entirely. It's likely the price will be under $300, and considering Amazon recently acquired game developer Double Helix Games, maybe there will be a killer title on it before long.

The Mobile World Congress starts in a few days, so could we have an announcement made there or soon after? We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Recode