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Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal's Third Teaser Screenshot Shows More Corruption

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Posted: 06:32PM

Yes, it's that time again! If you've been following along, Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal was announced last Friday, followed by two teaser screenshots (one and two). Developer Grinding Gear Games has kept the daily teaser screenshot trend alive with number three today.

This time around, the screenshot "takes place in the Mud Flats and shows several elements [Grinding Gear] can't discuss in detail until after next week's press tour." Unlike the previous two screenshots, uncovering this one's secrets takes a little bit more digging. The screenshot focuses on a unique ring called Blackheart Iron Ring. As with the first teaser, this item is corrupted, but there's no white socket this time around. Instead, looking up the unique item in the Path of Exile Wiki reveals that the top attribute has changed. This is most likely the result of the corruption, though we still don't know what negative effect corruption will have.

The other aspect of the screenshot that may not be so obvious if you have not played, is the red hue and swirls at the end of the dock. The original announcement stated how "even areas of Wraeclast itself" could become corrupted, so this is likely one of those areas. Of course, because the inventory screen conveniently blocks the view, we do not know just what that means, though it's likely the corrupted ring was found by defeating some rare creature within that area. Or not; I'm just speculating.

The last "secret" I would have never noticed if not for the keen eyes of some Path of Exile forum members (credit goes to Gjohny for noticing it first). See the blue gem in the upper right corner of the player stash? Well that's clearly the Fireball gem, except that it's tinted red instead of its normal golden color. Perhaps that's what happens to corrupted gems?

Sacrifice of the Vaal goes live March 5, 2014; but there's (unfortunately?) still plenty of time for Grinding Gear to continue to tease us.

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