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Warhorse Studios Publishes an Hour-long Gameplay Stream of Kingdom Come: Deliverance with Commentary

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Posted: 12:36PM

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has roughly one day left before its Kickstarter campaign ends, and though it already shattered its initial £300,000 goal, developer Warhorse Studios decided to do a roughly one-hour live stream of some gameplay yesterday. The first 40 minutes are based on the build shown to publishers when Warhorse was pitching the game last year. But despite its age and the fact that it was built with an older version of CryEngine than is currently being used, it still looks quite remarkable. If you don't have a full hour to spend watching out, I'll try and break down some key spots you may want to take notice of.

The inventory system and character sheet are shown just after the 17-minute mark. There are sixteen equippable slots and four weapon slots. When you browse items in a shop or in your inventory, your character model changes to reflect the clothes before purchasing/equipping. The other unique aspect of the character model is that items are layered on top of each other – and it's likely the technology that will be shared with the Star Citizen guys.

If you're interested in seeing combat, skip to around the 36-minute mark. The combat shown is using the older version and only has a few attacks, yet is already quite complex. The final build will feature up to 18 attacks with every weapon. This is certainly not your typical RPG combat system and require you to utilize a lot of different tactics to take down even a simple foe.

To see the newest build of the game, skip to around the 40-minute mark. Keep in mind that the game isn't set to release until some time in 2015, so even the current version of the game is quite an early build. No combat is shown in the current build, but you do get a taste of the highly detailed environment and some random livestock. The streamer also addresses a few questions and concerns at the end, which is worth a listen to if you've been on the fence.

As I said earlier, there's still roughly one day left in the Kickstarter campaign. The minimum pledge to grab a copy of the game is £15, which roughly translates to $24 USD, but there are quite a lot of other tiers if you want extras such as Early Access.

Source: Kickstarter Update

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