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Do Not Expect a Fallout 4 Announcement for 'A While'

Category: Gaming
Posted: 04:07PM

For those hoping Bethesda was going to announce Fallout 4 in the near future, I have bad news – we may have to wait longer than we thought. Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun's Nathan Grayson, Bethesda game director Todd Howard said, "We don't [have a timeframe for our next game announcement], but I think its gonna be a while. We've gotten fairly used to all the questions and curiosity over the years. Everyone wants information. Right now, we're just trying to figure out which of our ideas are going to stick and finding an appropriate time to talk about it."

So if you're been following all the Fallout 4 rumors in our forum, it sadly seems like we won't find out the truth any time soon. That being said, "a while" is quite the vague timeframe and can mean different things to different people. In my opinion, four months is "a while," so maybe the official Fallout 4 announcement will come at E3 2014. Of course, that's just more speculation. The truth is, we just don't know, and it sounds like maybe even Bethesda doesn't know when the announcement will be either.

The good news for us PC gamers is that Howard sees the PC as "resurgent" and was very pleased by the huge success Skyrim enjoyed on the PC. With the new consoles being "very PC-like," he sees it opening up new avenues for him and his team going forward. Those new avenues are likely the source of the delay, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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