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Introducing the SHORTCUT-S, a Keyboard Specifically for Adobe Photoshop

Category: Input Devices
Posted: 10:12AM

Editing software have specific tool functions that are accessible through an overwhelming list of menu options. To expedite the process, a combination of press keys on the keyboard can be used, known as shortcuts. However, it's a task that requires memorizing the shortcut commands and awkwardly applying them onto the keyboard. The SHORTCUT-S project by Sorin Neica aims to produce a keyboard that combines such shortcuts into single keys. It'll have 299 pre-determined keys for the most commonly used functions, tools, and filters, along with 20 customizable keys. With the SHORTCUT-S, shortcuts can now be accessed with a single button, allowing time savings of up to 30%. The additional keys add to the keyboard's dimensions of 403 mm (L) x 306 mm (W) x 8 mm (H).

While designed specifically for Adobe Photoshop, the SHORTCUT-S keyboard will also be compatible with a plethora of commonly used graphics and video editing software, "like Corel Draw, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut, Lightroom, and so on." Using the same keyboard, users simply swap the interchangeable graphic surface to the overlay that better suits the software that's going to be used.

Currently, the SHORTCUT-S is powered by USB, but there are hopes to develop a wireless version as well as one with an aluminum finish. A fully programmable keyboard may even be possible. However, this Kickstarter project is not possible without the funding of at least $185,280 by March 31st. There's still 42 days left, but at this time of this writing, it's only roughly 11% of the way there.

Interested supporters can pledge $89 (with the early bird special) or $99 (without) to get the SHORTCUT-S keyboard. Optional surface overlays are $18, while shipping is an additional $28, with an expected delivery date of Summer 2014.

Source: Kickstarter

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