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Just Cause Developer Avalanche Studios Working on Tactical Mobile Game

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:23PM

While we already know Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios is working on the upcoming Mad Max game, that's not the only game the studio is working on. Speaking to Polygon, Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg said the studio is also "working on a stylized, tactical game for mobile devices." Before you start to wonder if it'll be based in Just Cause or Mad Max universe, it won't – it's a new IP.

According to Sundberg, the game idea has actually been floating around since 2006. It was pitched to publishers, but they wanted "nice, high-end graphics and photorealistic environments" at the time instead of the stylized look Avalanche was going for, which Sundberg describes as "similar to what Borderlands is today." He goes on to describe the game as "sort of a management fighting game," but not a fighting game in the sense of a brawler, but rather RTS combat like Command & Conquer.

While that's all he has to say about the game for now, he did say that the current plan is to release it some time this year. Since most of the studio's projects take quite awhile to develop, Sundberg felt testing the mobile waters was the right move because the development cycle is shorter. If everything goes well, then Avalanche will "definitely do more mobile games" in the future.

Source: Polygon

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