BlackBerry Messenger 2.0 Released

gebraset - February 13, 2014 05:25PM in Mobile

In a new update to the popular BlackBerry Messaging application, known simply as BBM, a variety of new features are being brought to Android and iOS users. A few key features that can be found within BBM 2.0 include BBM Voice, which allows voice calls to be placed over Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection, and BBM Channels, which provides a forum or chat room like environment. Other features that are included within the BBM update include larger BBM groups, location sharing, attachments, Dropbox integration, and new emotions. 

While the new BBM 2.0 update applies to only Android and iOS users, all of the aforementioned features will also be available for BlackBerry OS 10 phones through BBM 10.3.

Source: TechHive