Intel Working on Low Power Graphics Chipset

CheeseMan42 - February 10, 2014 05:24PM in Video Cards

Intel plans to introduce "an energy-efficient graphics processing core built on the latest 22nm tri-gate SoC process technology" at the International Solid State Circuits conference this year. By incorporating a number of new technologies Intel claims that the new chipset can improve energy efficiency by up to 40% over comparable chipsets. This improvement in power efficiency will help to increase battery life and overall system performance in mobile devices and could also see desktop applications. Intel Labs Research Scientist James Tschanz described some of the technology saying, "this design demonstrates a new “selective boosting” technique which uses a slightly higher “boosted” voltage for key parts of Vmin-limiting memory arrays in the core," and further added, "In this graphics core we therefore include a technique – called adaptive clocking – to reduce this safety margin by detecting voltage droop events and slowing down the clock frequency of the core to prevent failures."

Source: Intel