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The Renault KWID Concept Car Comes With Its Own Flying Drone

Category: Gadgets
Posted: 02:59PM

Most concept cars never actually hit the consumer market, but that doesn't stop attendees at auto shows from drooling over them. At the New Delhi Auto Show this past week, attendees had a new reason to drool – the Renault KWID Concept. While the KWID includes a slew of features and interesting design decisions, the most unique is "the world's first built-in quadcopter," which Renault is calling the Flying Companion.

Hidden beneath a rear pivoting roof section, once deployed, the Flying Companion can either "run through a programmed flying sequence using GPS coordinates" in automatic mode, or be controlled manually by passengers inside the car via an integrated tablet to the left of the center-aligned steering wheel. The Flying Companion can be used to scout traffic or road conditions ahead, or be used to unearth those rare-to-find parking spots in a large city.

While the Flying Companion certainly sets this concept car apart, its looks are also quite unique. As alluded to earlier, the driver's seat and steering wheel is actually positioned in the center, flanked by two passenger seats, allowing the KWID to be usable in all countries without reconfiguration, regardless of the side of the road people drive on. The seating is also quite unique, featuring "a mix of two-tone elastomer straps laid out over a solid white bench," which is supposedly supposed to be better in warmer climates.

The KWID was designed with new emerging markets like India in mind, so whether it would ever come to the US or even hit the consumer market is anyone's guess – but it's certainly an interesting concept.

Source: Gizmag

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