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Sniper Elite 3 to Feature Non-linear Gameplay in Northern Africa

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:10PM

Sniper Elite V2 was fairly received, but it was often knocked for its lack of freedom during most missions. Developer Rebellion promises to change all that with Sniper Elite 3. According to Tim Jones, head of creative at Rebellion Developments, "Non-linear gameplay and more stealth options, as well as new weapon customization features, give players more tactical choice than ever before."

Sniper Elite 3 brings the franchise to Northern Africa, where players will control elite sniper Karl Fairburne against Germany's Afrika Korps. Visibility will not be the only thing players have to worry about, as sound will play an integral role as well – "an onscreen indicator shows when Afrika Korps are able to pinpoint the sniper's location through sound." Players will be able to mask the sound of their gunfire through various means, such as sabotaging a camp's diesel generators to repeatedly backfire. You'll also have a knife and silenced pistol for quieter, close-quarter kills.

If players would rather cause mass destruction, new explosives are being introduced as well, such as "Bouncing Betty" mines, or you can always just shoot "the combustion engines of trucks, causing impressive destruction." For sniping purists who scoff at that idea, you'll have an incentive to blow shit up – the fan-favorite "X-ray kill cam" is making its return and will also be used for vehicle destruction. Furthermore, "Rebellion is now modeling circulatory and muscle systems in sniped enemies," so the X-ray kill cam should be even better!

Lastly, Jones said that one of the features players have been clamoring for is rifle customization, and they'll finally get their wish. "Players will be able to unlock and equip new scopes, stocks, barrels and customized reticles as they earn experience and progress in rank."

With a focus on non-linear gameplay, a brand new setting, new weaponry, rifle customization, and an improved X-ray kill cam, it seems like Rebellion is really taking the Sniper Elite franchise to the next level. Sniper Elite 3 will be coming to Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, but no release date has been mentioned yet.

Source: Polygon

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