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Gunpoint Creator Tom Francis Unveils His New Game, Heat Signature

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:41PM

Tom Francis, the developer behind the stealth puzzle platformer Gunpoint, has finally unveiled one of the new projects he's working on, called Heat Signature. Heat Signature is "a game about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships." You control a little ship with no weapons, trying to avoid detection by larger, randomly generated ships. As the name of the game suggests, those NPC ships contain heat sensors, so you need to stay cool enough to avoid them by using your engines sparingly when near. If you're able to get close to the ship, you can latch onto its airlock, breach it, climb aboard, and then subdue the captain to disable the ship.

Tom plans on having professions and assignments randomly assigned every time you start a new game, which will increase the replayability even further. Examples he provides are: "'You are an assassin. Your target is Tom Francis.' or 'You are a shipjacker. Steal the Dreadnaught Incisor.'" In order to locate your target, when you board a ship you can hack its server and gather information about your target's location or the types of ships that are likely to contain such data. He also plans on adding "ship systems like guns and thrusters [that] will be in specific rooms of the ship," which you'll be able to sabotage or control if you can get to them, even to the point of being able to fly the enemy ship.

Heat Signature is being made with Game Maker, just as Gunpoint was, so expect another PC-only release. No release date or pricing has been stated.

Source: Tom Francis' Site

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