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NASA Partners with Kerbal Space Program

Category: Gaming
Posted: 04:47PM

NASA is working with space exploration game Kerbal Space Program to bring a new mission that tasks players with catching "an asteroid en route to destroy the Kerbals' home planet, bring it into a stable orbit, and land on it." Both sides see this as an opportunity to reach a wider audience, with lead developer Felipe Falanghe saying, "We have people saying that KSP inspired them to change their majors to aerospace or some other related field." Doug Ellison of NASA added, "I knew KSP was something special when I watched a young kid — probably less than 8 years old — playing KSP and using words like apogee, perigee, prograde, retrograde, delta-v; the lexicon of orbital mechanics. To the layperson orbital mechanics is a counter-intuitive world of energy, thrust, velocity, altitude that this kid — just by playing Kerbal — had managed to get his head around."

Source: IGN

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