Backblaze Details Hard Drive Usage

CheeseMan42 - January 21, 2014 01:52PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Backblaze is a company that offers an unlimited online backup service for the price of just $5 per month, or less if you sign up for longer periods of time. In an effort to remain open, the company has posted a detailed analysis of the hard drives that it uses in its storage pods. At the end of 2013, there were more than 27,000 hard drives in service, with the majority of the drives made by Seagate or Hitachi with 12,765 and 12,956 drives, respectively. Tests are run on new drives to determine if it lives up to the company standards, and if it does then the drives are purchased on a large scale when the price is right. There are a number of graphs and charts comparing annual failure rates, 36 month survival rate, average drive age, and a much more detailed distribution of drive models. The annual failure rate chart took me back to the time that my 1.5TB Seagate drive died within a few weeks, but also illustrated the dramatically improved performance of newer, larger drives. The blog is a worthy read for anyone that is looking for new hard drives now or may be in the future.

Source: Backblaze