HighPoint Introduces Improved Linux Software

CheeseMan42 - January 20, 2014 07:28AM in Storage / Hard Drives

HighPoint has announced that it will release a "series of innovative Linux Driver package for its popular 6Gb/s SATA and AS value RAID HBA Series." The company has offered support to the Linux community for more than a decade, helping to improve Linux storage solutions, but has recognized that software issues brought about by upgrading or changing distributions, among other factors, can be a hindrance in the adoption of software RAID solutions. The latest support from the company comes in the form of auto-compiling driver packages for Enterprise Linux distributions to help "streamline installation and upgrade procedures; delivering an experience on par with pre-compiled, or embedded device drivers." The drivers will be available for download in the first quarter of this year on the HighPoint website.

"HighPoint’s Auto-Compiling Linux Driver packages build device drivers using our conventional open source downloads, but do not require user intervention. The innovative scripting first checks the RocketRAID controller’s ID, then cross-references the active kernel version to see if matches existing driver code. If a mismatch is detected, the Auto-Compiling Linux driver will automatically trigger a script that will compile a driver to match the host system kernel for seamless controller integration."

Source: Press Release