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Four Unique Hunters Unveiled for Turtle Rock's Evolve

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Posted: 03:34PM

After revealing the Goliath alien creature earlier in the week, Game Informer took the next four days to introduce one hunter from each of the four playable classes in Turtle Rock's Evolve. The four classes include assault, trapper, support, and medic, but there are unique individuals within each class that players can choose from. Each character has his or her own specific loadout containing weapons and gear, with one thing being shared between all characters in a class, but the rest being unique. Turtle Rock co-founder Phil Robb said that he chose to reveal "the most straightforward [hunters] that are the easiest to grasp," but that "subsequent ones will be a little more complex and have just a little more nuance."

The first character revealed was Markov, a member of the assault class. All assault class members are equipped with a Personal Shield that can be activated to absorb enemy damage. Markov is your typical offensive juggernaut that longtime FPS fans will be immediately familiar with. He's equipped with two weapons: his lightning gun "sends crackling blasts of destruction at close range" while his assault rifle is great at distance. He's also equipped with electrical charges called arc mines, which can only be detonated by enemy contact, though teammates can still incur splash damage if they're in the vicinity when an enemy triggers one.

The second character revealed was Griffin, a member of the trapper class. As you may surmise from the name, members of the trapper class are all about hunting down the enemy and containing it. All trappers can deploy a Mobile Arena, which is a large, dome-shaped force field that prevents friends and enemies from leaving (or entering) the area. As such, you can use it offensively to keep a fleeing enemy contained or defensively to regroup and heal. As for weaponry, Griffin comes equipped with a submachine gun for some decent firepower at medium range, but his bread and butter is the harpoon gun. The harpoon gun can ensnare an enemy and tether it to Griffin via an energy current, preventing said enemy for fleeing or chasing teammates. The only way for the enemy player to break free is to attack Griffin. Griffin is also equipped with sound spikes, which essentially act like wards do in Dota 2 – once deployed, "they provide all hunters with a visual indicator on their maps when the monster walks within their range." You can deploy multiple spikes, though an exact number was not disclosed.

The third character revealed was Hank, a member of the support class. All members of the support class come equipped with a Cloaking Device, but it's not simply a personal cloaking device; it provides invisibility to nearby teammates as well. As such, it can be used in a variety of ways, both offensively and defensively. Hank also comes equipped with a shield gun, which can be shot from a distance at teammates to provide temporary invulnerability. It only has a short duration and there's a cooldown between uses, so learning the optimal times to use it will be essential. Offensively, Hank has a laser cutter that can do devastating damage to enemies, but its bright light means your location will be clearly visible. He also has an orbital barrage, which unleashes a powerful airstrike within a large area. The target area lights up in a large red bull's-eye and the missiles take a few seconds to land, so keen enemies can easily avoid it unless you coordinate with a teammate like Griffin, who can hold the enemy in place with his aforementioned harpoon.

The fourth character revealed was Val, a member of the medic class. All medics can deploy a Healing Burst, which provides a large and instantaneous health boost to all teammates within a small area around the medic. As you might expect from a medic, Val also comes equipped with a Medgun, which is similar in function to the Medic's Medi Gun in Team Fortress 2, providing slow, continual healing from a distance – though it can also be used to revive incapacitated players from a distance. While Val sounds like your typical medic at this point, her final two items prove she's anything but. Thanks to "her knowledge of anatomy," Val uses her anti-material rifle to "highlight and expose monsters' weak spots." The way it works in the game is that, after she hits an enemy, a bull's-eye is displayed at the point of impact and subsequent hits to the highlighted spot by teammates cause extra damage. Before or after marking the enemy with her anti-material rifle, she can also nail it with her tranquilizer rifle, which temporarily slows the enemy's movement, while simultaneously marking the enemy's position on the map.

While Markov comes off as your basic gunner, the other three hunters provide some unique tactical opportunities not often seen in an FPS. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Turtle Rock is taking some cues from MOBAs like Dota 2; not only with the abilities they're introducing, but also in the way coordination and communication will be key amongst teammates. When Evolve was first unveiled, it begged the question on why anyone would choose to play as a hunter over a 30-foot beast. However, after these character reveals, Turtle Rock has clearly made both sides appealing.

Source: Game Informer

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DrTiCool on January 19, 2014 02:40AM
I'm pretty excited about this game, don't forget that Turtle Rock is creator of the whole Left 4 Dead concept along with first L4D game.
ClayMeow on January 19, 2014 02:00PM
Yep, totally. I mentioned it in the original unveil. Turtle Rock definitely has team-based multiplayer experience, so I have high hopes :)

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