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NSA Receives Changes Concerning Phone-Records Program

Category: General News
Posted: 12:10PM

Ever since prior NSA employee Edward Snowden brought many insider programs to public light, the NSA has been under fire from law makers as well as citizens of the United States. President Barack Obama has announced in a speech given today that the NSA will be redesigned in terms of its phone-records programs. The security agency will now hold no bulk metadata themselves and will have to receive a court approval in order to access the data. An unannounced third-party will now collect and store phone-records instead of the NSA.

President Obama appointed the responsibility of developing a third-party solution for the Section 215 metadata program to the attorney general and various intelligence agencies. The entities involved must be able to create a workable solution by the end of March. In addition, Congress will be a part of the development process, since the new revision may require legislation.

Source: CNET


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